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Ben Jarashow is an accomplished ASL storyteller, ASL coach, Deaf Studies specialist, and educator. If your organization needs an ASL storyteller for an event, your school needs someone to give a workshop or lecture on any subjects in the Deaf Studies category this website, or you need an ASL coach to help you prepare for an upcoming performance, Ben does it all and more.

Please feel free to explore this website further for more infomraiotn and to contact Ben with any questions you may have. Also, be sure to check out the video samples of Ben’s work while you’re at it!

Deaf Studies Specialist
ASL Coach

At the Deaf Studies 2012 Conference Ben Jarashow did a performance that was Outstanding. Ben uses his entire body in bringing to life whatever topic he is focusing on and he is hilarious with his presentation. He keeps the audience laughing and wanting more. His presentation keeps one on an emotional edge waiting for the next punch to hit our funny bone. Ben’s presentation is good for all audiences. He is a rare actor that is able to intertwine humor in a way that keeps the audience attention.

Dr. Hank Klopping
Vice-President of Large Accounts

Ben is perhaps the most entertaining storyteller I’ve ever seen. He is a ASL storyteller in the truest and finest form: one who can present stories about the most mundane subjects and present tellings that capture the senses and the imagination. Ben’s stories take full advantage of the 3-dimensional space that is the stuff of signing. Add to that his incredible use of an astounding range of range of facial expressions and gestures and you get stories inhabited by a man who appears as much cartoon as human.

Bryan K. Eldredge, Ph.D
Professor & Director of ASL & Deaf Studies

Master Storyteller Ben Jarashow has the amazing ability to lure you into another world unwittingly. You end up riding on a roller coaster through vivid imageries filled with humor, parody and caricature. Ben is simply amazing.

Ben Bahan
Gallaudet Univeristy

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