ASL storyteller Ben Jarashow’s one-man show offers a range of stories, from embarrassing, comedic real-life experiences to stand-up comedy to translated stories, personification, and many more! Ben takes advantage of technology for visual effect, interweaving PowerPoint slides and videos with his stories to enhance the audience’s experience. Prepare for a visual journey filled with humor, vivid imagery, and most of all, laughter.

One storytelling performance can range in time length, going up to 1.5 hours, depending on client’s request.

Deaf Studies Specialist

Ben provides consulting services in the Deaf Studies field to individuals, schools, organizations, businesses, and various branches of the government, including law enforcement. Consulting services can include workshops or lectures in a range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Deaf Studies
  • Cultural awareness
  • Cross-cultural risk management
  • Curriculum development
ASL Coach

As an ASL Coach, Ben’s role is to provide feedback, help modify signs and approach, provide encouragement, and to give direction to help facilitate the most effective way to present yourself in ASL. This service is excellent for if you:

  • Want to become an ASL Storyteller, but desire a more formal, one-on-one training.
  • Need help translating a story to ASL
  • Need help preparing for a role in theatre or film

Ben has traveled extensively across the nation giving workshops and lectures for various schools, universities, and organizations on a broad range of topics within the ASL and Deaf Studies field.

Feel free to browse the list of topics covered by Ben over the years of giving workshops and lectures. If you are interested in having Ben give a workshop or lecture but do not see what you want listed, Ben is able and willing to develop a new presentation tailor-made for your needs.

Time length of workshops and lectures varies based on client preference. Presentations with shorter time lengths will be formatted more like a lecture and PowerPoint slides will be modified to fit into the allotted time slot. The longer presentations will be expanded to include more information and details. It will also be modified to include the audience more and the lecture will become more of a group discussion.